“His leadership style built trust, created a vision of sound education for students, promoted collaboration and modeled a dedication to students' growth and learning in preparation for their future. His influence extended beyond the school to include parents and the community as well. He is a positive, passionate visionary and possesses a great sense of humour. I have also observed Terry as he made presentations in workshops and conferences that I have been involved with”.

Arthur Costa – Co founder of the Institute for Habits of Mind and Professor Emeritus, California State University Sacramento.


"Terry Westblade’s passion and commitment to quality teaching coupled with his ability to lead and support others on their journey towards improving their pedagogy is inspiring.

He has that rare ability in being able to translate the latest educational research into powerful, positive classroom practice.  I recommend Terry’s work to all principals and teachers looking to increase their pedagogical capital."

- Lane Clark - Author, Professional Speaker and Educator.


“Terry Westblade's work at St Joseph's Primary School Bulli has been exceptional in my experience. He successfully welded the school community together behind a powerful common vision of education and was then able to provide the support and leadership necessary to transform that vision into reality. Few leaders in my experience are able to affect this level of change with the kind of quiet strength that Terry possesses”. 

James Anderson - Director of Mindful by Design, Associate Director of the Australian Habits of Mind Institute.


“I personally work with hundreds of teachers and principals each year and would rate Terry’s leadership skills in the top percentile. He is extremely focused on developing his teachers skills and very supportive of their growth and learning. Terry has the ‘x’ factor as a leader and is highly respected by his teachers, students, parents and colleagues. Possibly the best recommendation I can give Terry, is that I would have been honoured to have my own children at his school, with his vision for preparing children for a changing future and his inclusive nature within his school and community, he creates an environment that offers some of the best that schools can offer around the world”.

Karen Boyes – CEO Spectrum Education, Associate Director Asia Pacific Habits of Mind Institute, Professional Speaker.


“His effective leadership, coupled with initiative, diligence, creativity, and competence along with a passion for promoting student self actualisation is inspiring”.

Jennie Werakso - Principal


“Terry Westblade’s  passion for learning is transformational. His passion for learning and his motivation for positive change, has transformed and driven our school into the 21st Century. Terry explored different paths for learning and embraced change. He was flexible and encouraging and thus built optimism within the staff for positive change. These changes were always aimed at the individual, then flowed over to teams and then developed into organisational change. His changes became a reality and the transformation was infectious.”

Maria Turner - Teacher


“Terry, in my opinion, ‘stands out from the crowd’ for his ability to create a learning community based on a passionate and informed love of authentic learning.  His understanding of brain compatible learning has been a great benefit to teachers and students with whom he has come in contact”.

Peter McKenzie - Principal


“Terry has the ability to quietly, but assertively, guide his staff to a common goal, to believe in a purpose and implement quality learning. I now see the world differently, and the children I teach are using their brains and their talents to change their world. I am a more flexible, resilient person because of Terry’s leadership.”

Robyn Menghi - Teacher

“I have grown as a person and teacher and I attribute this to Terry’s vision for our school, staff and students. His passion for learning and his understanding of how the brain works is infectious.” 

- Cathy Lantry – Teacher