Terry Westblade is the director of Live Life Learning.


Terry is a distinguished educator with over thirty years experience. He has been a principal for fifteen years in three diverse schools where he has been dedicated to implementing whole school approaches to learning & teaching. 


Terry graduated from Wollongong Teacher’s College in 1980 then went on to complete his Degree in Teaching through Deakin University before gaining his Master of Educational Leadership through the Australian Catholic University in Sydney.


Live Life Learning is a business venture designed by Terry to inspire others with his passion for learning and assist schools and individuals with a range of learning workshops. He is an advocate for whole school approaches to learning and feels that schools are the big hope for future generations in a world that needs lots of care and attention.  


His passion for learning has been inspired by Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick's Habits of Mind. He has close links with James Anderson and Karen Boyes who are Directors of the Habits of Mind Institute in Australia and New Zealand. His work with the Habits of Mind furthered his interest in brain compatible learning resulting in his association with John Joseph and Focus Education Australia. Terry is an accredited trainer with Focus Education Australia.


Terry has had an illustrious rugby league career having played with the Illawarra Steelers during their initial years in the NRL.  He has been head coach at numerous rugby league clubs, a representative coach and currently holds a senior level 1 coaching certificate with the Australian Rugby League. He is a life member of the Corrimal Rugby League Football Club. His sporting background has inspired his workshop Neurosport: ‘Developing Elite Minds’ designed for young athletes aspiring for professional status.


Terry's life experiences are reflected in his workshops and are the source of passion to develop life long learners. Terry is happy to give advice to individuals, schools, clubs or organizations about any of his workshops.